Cardboard Crafts: 30+ Home Transformation Ideas


Renewed Cardboard: 5 Surprising Projects to Transform Your Home

Recycling and reusing materials has never been as exciting as in the videos on the "Ider Alves - DIY Moda Fashion" channel. 

With simple and creative tricks, the artisan shows us how to transform cardboard into true treasures for our home. 

Let's explore five amazing projects that will leave you inspired to breathe new life into seemingly simple materials.

1. Cardboard Nightstand: Stylish Four-Drawer Organization

In the first video, we are greeted with four small cardboard boxes elegantly covered in contact paper. 

With a touch of genius, Ider Alves cuts pieces of cardboard to fit the boxes and forms an incredible drawer.

Cardboard is coated with black paper and added pulls, creating a four-drawer organizing nightstand. A modern touch to your storage space!

2. Butterflies in Flight: Transforming Walls with Elegance

In the second video, Ider Alves guides us through a process of enchanting monotonous walls. 

She draws half a butterfly wing on cardboard, covers it with black paper, and cuts out several butterflies in different sizes. 

The result? A charming and dynamic wall with butterflies in flight, adding a dash of sophistication to any environment.

3. Functional Elegance: Spice Holder with Handcrafted Touch

In the third video, Ider Alves proves that functionality can be extremely elegant. Two cardboard circles are glued together and wrapped with fabric, creating a solid base. 

A rolled strip of cardboard, also covered in the same fabric, surrounds the circle, while a thread holder and loop adorn the top. 

This piece comes to life as a charming spice rack, adding charm to your kitchen.

4. Affection Painting: Transforming Boxes into Children's Art

In the fourth video, Ider Alves shows how shoeboxes can be transformed into a masterpiece. 

She puts the lids of the boxes together, covers them with felt in different patterns and shapes, and puts them together in a beautiful frame. 

With the addition of playful figures such as lions, stars and fish, the painting becomes a charming decoration for children's rooms.

5. Rustic Elegance: Rope Circle for Cozy Cups

In the last video, Ider Alves creates a rustic support for cozy cups. A cardboard circle is wrapped in sisal rope, and with a final touch of fabric, it makes the perfect base. 

Braids of sisal rope adorn the circle, and handles are added to suspend charming cups. A simple yet charming project for any tea lover.

See much more in the video below!

Want to see these amazing ideas in action? 

Watch the full video on the channel "Ider Alves - DIY Moda Fashion" and find out how to turn cardboard into true functional works of art. 

Prepare to be amazed and inspired by the amazing transformations that cardboard can bring!

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