Secrets for Transforming Small Bathrooms into Enchanting Spaces: Decorating Tips

Secrets for Transforming Small Bathrooms into Enchanting Spaces: Decorating Tips

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about how to make your small bathroom more beautiful and well decorated? Don't worry, you are not alone! 

Small bathrooms can be a challenge when it comes to decorating, but with a few creative ideas, you can transform these spaces into enchanting spaces. 

In this article, we are going to explore some practical and inspiring tips presented in the video "How to decorate small bathrooms?" from the "Larissa Reis Arquitetura" channel. Let's go!

1. Taking Advantage of Vertical Space

In small bathrooms, space is at a premium. Architect Larissa Reis suggests using the height of the room to add functional decorative elements. 

An interesting idea is the creation of niches, which can be installed over the toilet or even inside the box. 

These niches provide extra space to store products and decor items, without compromising already limited space.

2. Solution for Structural Masonry

In some cases, you may be faced with the limitation of not being able to make alterations to the bathroom structure due to structural masonry. 

To get around this challenge, Larissa suggests creating a false wall, where you can insert a niche 10 centimeters deep. 

This provides additional space for storage and decoration without compromising the bathroom's structure.

3. Choosing the Perfect Mirror

The mirror is a key element in bathroom decor. 

For small bathrooms, Larissa recommends mirrors that extend from the sink to the shower, providing a sense of spaciousness. 

Floating mirrors, frameless or with discreet frames, are ideal choices for small bathrooms, avoiding cluttering the space with extravagant designs.

4. Light Colors and Unified Coating

To visually enlarge the bathroom space, opt for light colors and a unified coating on all walls. 

This approach helps create a sense of continuity, eliminating visual divisions that can make a bathroom feel smaller than it really is. 

Avoid using multiple coatings or striking patterns, which can make the room feel cramped.

5. Strategic Furniture

The choice of furniture is crucial in small bathrooms. Opt for light furniture that does not visually overload the space. 

Larissa points out that dark furniture or furniture with striking patterns can make the bathroom seem even smaller. 

Mirrored furniture or furniture in neutral tones are excellent options to expand the feeling of space.

6. Elegant Lighting

Last but not least, lighting plays a key role in decorating small bathrooms. 

Minimalist sconces or pendants with gold or copper details can add a touch of sophistication to the environment. 

Make sure the lighting is adequate for the size of your bathroom, avoiding excesses that could make the space uncomfortable.

7. Choosing the Right Sink

The choice of sink is also crucial. 

For small countertops, it is better to opt for a built-in or built-in sink, which does not take up much space on the countertop. 

Sculpted vats can be a great option, as they allow you to customize the size according to your needs, avoiding wasted space.

In summary, decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge, but with the tips presented in the video by Larissa Reis Arquitetura, you can transform your space into a charming and functional environment. 

Remember to take advantage of vertical space, choose furniture and colors wisely, and invest in stylish lighting. 

With careful planning, your small bathroom will become a charming and cozy retreat.

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