Kitchen Renovation: Amazing Transformation on a Low Budget!



Kitchen Renovation: Amazing Transformation on a Low Budget!

Hey guys! Today, we're going to explore an incredible transformation in Ana's kitchen, from the "Decoranna" channel. 

She shows us how it is possible to give a new look to an environment, even on a limited budget. 

Get ready to be inspired and learn from this journey of renewal!

A new beginning:

Ana starts the video enthusiastically, welcoming us to another adventure on her channel. 

She tells us that she recently renovated her kitchen, changing floors and coverings. 

However, the cabinets were a little worn, with a yellowish tone that was no longer pleasing. 

The decision was to give these cabinets a complete makeover, and we accompanied them on this journey.

Materials and Wise Decisions:

Ana shares her choice of using 3D PVC sheets to cover the cabinets. 

She clarifies that these plates are heat resistant and very durable, as long as you avoid direct contact with hot pans. 

Furthermore, she explains how she chose to exchange the old, worn-out handles for good quality metal models.

The Renewal Process:

Ana guides us through the renovation process, from removing the old adhesive from the drawers to applying the self-adhesive EVA frames. 

She demonstrates how to cut and fit frames precisely, resulting in a flawless finish. 

During the video, she emphasizes the practicality of this choice, avoiding the need for glue and complex cuts.

The painting:

One of the crucial steps in the transformation was painting the cabinets. 

Ana chose a water-based enamel paint in white, which provided an elegant and resistant satin finish. 

She applied three coats to ensure the original yellowing was completely gone. 

The result was a clean, modern look.

Details and Conclusions:

Ana also shares the way she made adjustments to the doors and drawers, covering the holes in the old handles with acrylic spackle. 

To add the finishing touch, she selected new handles that added style and functionality to the cabinets.

Spectacular Result:

After all the steps are completed, Ana shows us the final result of the renovation. 

The kitchen took on a new lease of life, with white cabinets and moldings that added a touch of Provençal elegance. 

Everything was harmonious and renewed, proving that small changes can make a big difference in the decoration of a home.

And so we conclude our exciting journey of renovation in this incredible video called "KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION/ HOW I GOT A NEW FACE WITHOUT SPENDING LITTLE! It looks AMAZING!" from the channel "Decoranna"

You saw how Ana transformed her kitchen in a remarkable way, showing that it is possible to renovate your space while spending less than you imagine. 

Now it's your turn to get inspired and get your hands dirty! 

Don't waste time, watch the video and discover how you can give your home a new life. 

Watch now and transform your environment!

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