Secrets Revealed: How to Clean Window Glass for an Impeccable Shine!

Secrets Revealed: How to Clean Window Glass for an Impeccable Shine!

Cleaning window glass is a common task, but one that can be challenging if not done right. 

Keeping your windows clean not only improves the aesthetics of your home, but also lets in more natural light. 

In this article, we'll explore essential tips on how to clean window glass effectively and without leaving streaks.

Gather the Required Materials

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need. 

You will need a bucket, warm water, neutral detergent, a sponge or soft cloth, a soft-bristled brush, a window cleaning squeegee, old newspaper or paper towel, and a specific window cleaner, if desired.

Initial Cleaning

Start by removing excess dirt and dust from the windows with a dry cloth or soft bristle brush. 

This will help prevent dirt from scratching the glass surface while cleaning.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of mild detergent. 

Avoid abrasive detergents as they can damage the glass. Mix the solution until it is well diluted.

Apply Solution and Rub

Dip the sponge or cloth in the cleaning solution and start scrubbing the window panes in a circular motion. 

Concentrate on the dirtiest and most stained areas. 

Remember to use gentle pressure to avoid scratching.

Use the Glass Wiper Squeegee

After the initial cleaning, use a window-cleaning squeegee to remove the cleaning solution from the windows. 

Start at the top and work your way down in straight motions. 

Be sure to dry the squeegee blade between each pass to avoid water marks.

Finish with Newspaper or Paper Towel

For the finishing touch, take a piece of old newspaper or a paper towel and clean the corners and edges of the glasses. 

This will help eliminate any marks or stains left behind.

Check and Repeat if Necessary

After cleaning, check the glasses in daylight to make sure there are no remaining marks or smudges. 

If necessary, repeat steps 3 to 6 to ensure flawless cleaning.

Homemade Window Cleaning Mix:

To finish cleaning window glass with a homemade and effective touch, you can create a simple cleaning mixture using ingredients you probably already have at home:


  • 1 part white vinegar

  • 1 part water


  • In a clean, empty spray bottle, combine equal parts white vinegar and water. Make sure the vial is clean to avoid mixing contamination.

  • Close the bottle and shake well to mix the ingredients.

  • After initially cleaning the windows with the water and neutral detergent solution, apply the vinegar and water mixture to the windows using the spray bottle.

  • Use a clean, soft cloth to rub the vinegar mixture onto the glass, removing any remaining stains or marks.

  • Then, use the window cleaning squeegee to remove the vinegar mixture from the windows, in the same way as you did with the previous cleaning solution.

  • Finish, if necessary, with a piece of old newspaper or paper towels to ensure there are no marks or stains.

This homemade cleaning mixture is effective in removing dirt, stains and water marks, leaving your window panes with a flawless shine. 

Plus, vinegar helps repel dirt and keep your windows clean longer. 

Try this homemade recipe the next time you clean your windows, and share this tip with friends and family so they too can enjoy sparkling clean windows.

Now that you know how to clean window glass effectively, share these tips with friends and family. 

Keeping your windows clean and bright is a simple way to improve your home's ambience and enjoy the view. 

Remember to follow these steps carefully and regularly to enjoy pristine windows every time. 

If you liked this article, please share it with others who might benefit from these cleaning tips! 

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